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  • Intergalactic Special

    $190.00 Price is for the purchase of the digital mystery art you are purchasing.
    Sweet Cheese Night Night Peaches & Cream Tangerine Cookies You can mix it up PLUS 1 Edible & 1 Joint
  • Special is 1oz with 1 Blunt Black Cherry Soda is a sativa dominant strain with a 20:80 indica/sativa ratio. Looking at the buds, you will come to realize this is what a beautiful strain should look like in the first place. It is incredibly tempting. You will have to see it to believe it, as a picture will never do any justice to the strain and what it has to offer. The buds are incredibly dense and are covered by tiny crystals and orange hairs creeping through. Additionally, you will notice hues of purple that mix well with shades of light green. It has a very unique berry smell and is quite similar to Blue Dream in this regard. As for the taste, it is no different from its scent. The strain has a very uplifting high, it is quite potent, but that should not frighten you from giving it a try. The high starts from the back of your head and makes its way to the back of your ears. Black Cherry Soda offers a cerebral experience unlike any other. A few more hits and you will feel the high setting in on your shoulders. It has an amazing upper body tingle that packs quite a punch. That being said, the strain is incredibly effective for treating various conditions like depression, anxiety and even stress.
  • 1 oz of Indoor Premium Flower plus an 2 edibles and a pre roll Options are broken down by 1/4 Chocolate OG Baklava
  • 2oz of Indoor Flower They are broken down by 1/4’s- 7 Grams Options are Black Cherry Soda, Tangerine Cookies, and Horchata and Gusher Mints Plus 2 Edibles and 1 preroll Best Deal in DC
  • 1/2oz plus 2 edibles Choose from: Vanilla Kush, Tangerine Cookies or Sweet Cheese