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  • 2 - 1/8 of any of our exotic strains: Ice Queen or Grape Ape Plus 2 edibles of your choice. Best Deal in DC
  • 5 grams of shatter Strains: God's Candy Grape Gelina Capulator
  • Intergalactic Special

    $190.00 Price is for the purchase of the digital mystery art you are purchasing.
    Strains: Mochi Oreoz Lemon Cherry Gelato Pink Fox PLUS 1 Edible & 1 Joint
  • 1 oz Strains to choose from: White Buffalo Exotic ,Mochi Gelato, Gas Strains come in separately bagged 1/4s 2 Edibles of your choice One of the best indoor deals on the market
  • 6 - 1 GRAM DISTILLATE CARTS INDICA Garlic Breath – 88.22% HYBRID Sunset Gelato 88.33% OG 88.31% SATIVA Maui Wowie 87.12%
  • 2oz of the following strains: Mochi Gelato Gas Oreoz Lemon Cherry Gelato Pink Fox Skunk 47 Peanut Butter Souffle Flower is broken down by 1/4 So you can mix and match anyway you like. Best deal in DC