Genetics: A Special Thai Landrace gifted to us by Hemcy Seeds was used to select a mother for this hybrid. We wanted to make sure and stress test all of the females and pick out the ones that had any sort of hermie tendency throughout flowering. We decided to keep her sativa heritage in tact that we’d cross her with Soma’s G13 Haze with the G13 in the G13 Haze bringing down the flowering time a bit.

This bud offers a THC level between 15-22% and effortlessly combines the effects of both of its parents, making for a moderate relaxing smoke. The high will start as an immediate uplifting and focused cerebral head high that leaves you motivated and focused with ebbing waves of creative energy. This is accompanied by a calming relaxing body high that starts in the spine and slowly spreads throughout the entire body, leaving you completely pain-free and at ease. Although you’ll be relaxed, you won’t experience loss of functionality or sedation. Due to these effects, Conspiracy Theory is said to be ideal to treat chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.