Lineage/Genetics: Afghani Kush – Purple Kush – Phantom Kush

Potent , fast acting high. The high for this is pretty intense, you’ll get nice rush through your body that at initially pushes you to be more ambitious and creative, blanketing your mind with euphoria accompanied by absent mindedness and zoning out. You’ll feel a nice buzz throughout your body relieving any aches or pains and relaxing you deeper until succumb to total body sedation. A really good strain for anytime especially at the end of more busy days as the world starts to open up again.
There are several layers of aromas that come with this beautifully bold flower. The first layer has a sweeter, buttery, almond tone. The 2nd whiff your nose adjusts and you smell a strong odor of skunk, earth and spice, after that you get a deep cut of lingering sour pine like lysol. Of course its not as spicy as Famous Daves signature hot sauce but I can see a where the name correlates, when you think about the unique mix flavors this flower is packed with