Mars OG is a strong and relaxing medicinal marijuana strain that is produced by crossing Mars and OG. The Indica variety is dominant in this strain. The plant produces several buds that are green in color with traces of orange. It has a mild to medium high THC level that ranges from 16.53 percent to 21.75 percent. Its CBD content is around 0.09 percent to 0.6 percent. It has a pungent aroma and flavor with hints of grape and earthy flavors. It feels quite good to smoke and has a very relaxing effect on your system. The prominent effect of Mars OG is that it makes you incredibly lazy. You don’t feel like doing anything once you smoke it. In addition to that, it makes you euphoric, sleepy, uplifted and happy. This strain is excellent for treating insomnia. You soon fall asleep after smoking it and sleep for quite a long time after using it. It is also useful for treating stress and anxiety of different types. It is helpful in alleviating symptoms of depression. You can also use it to treat mild to chronic pains, but it is most appropriate for resolving insomnia issues. It can also be employed for treating loss of appetite as it stimulates hunger.