Purple Tangie is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the mouthwatering Tangie strain with an unknown Purple strain. Even though it’s new on the market, Purple Tangie has already taken the medical community by storm, taking 1st Place for Best Medicinal Sativa Concentrate at the 2016 Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup. Purple Tangie is actually more favored as a concentrate versus your traditional nug, but it can be found in both forms if you know where to look. With its super powerful 22% THC level and high CBD level that has yet to be measured professionally, it’s no wonder Purple Tangie is an all around beloved strain. The high is powerful and long-lasting with energetic and uplifted feelings that are perfect as a wake-and-bake or an early afternoon pick me up. You’ll be hit with a cerebral rush of euphoric energy first before experiencing an increase in your mental clarity and focus. The high remains clear-headed throughout the duration, which can cause anxiety for some users. These effects give Purple Tangie an edge in treating chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, chronic stress, and pain.