Each player has 10 marbles in their pouch. Your objective is to take the 10 marbles from the other player without violence.  You can make up your own game, or play one of the following. You set the stakes before you play. For example: Winner makes the loser eat a whole edible or takes the whole lot. or Loser has to smoke a whole blunt no breaks, puff puff puff til its gone. Once again you set the stakes before you play

Each player holds an even or odd amount of marbles in his hand hidden from the other player. You take turns guessing if they are holding odd or even. If you guess correctly you take that persons marbles that’s in their hand. If you don’t guess correctly they take your marbles that you have in your hand. Repeat until one player has all the marbles.

1. First, draw a triangle into the ground.

2. Place any number of marbles into the triangle.

3. Position yourself and your opponent equidistant from the triangle. Using your middle finger and thumb, flick one of your marbles into the triangle and try to knock out the placed marbles. Any marbles you knock out are yours.

4. If your marble touches the triangle’s lines or stays in the triangle, then you lose any marbles you’ve won thus far. This is called tohagi (vomiting).

5. A winner is called when there are no more marbles left in the triangle or when only one player is left standing and all other players have lost their marbles.

Quick Game: Each player uses one marble to get closest to wall. Winner is the one who got closest.

As part of this squid/weed games. 

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